A 28 hour journey took us (Finlay & Elisa) from Glasgow International Airport to Te Haruhi Bay, Shakespear Regional Park, New Zealand - in what is possibly one of the longer commutes in the Scottish Coastal Rowing circuit. Our arrival doubled the size of the existing Scottish contingent from two (both from Row Porty) to four and we were made to feel very welcome by the international party that was half way through a sixteen day rowing expedition in the Auckland area.

Day 1 (6th February):

Weather: just like home, but the rain was a lot warmer. Men's, ladies' and mixed races took place over a 1 km course with a single buoy turn in the morning; teams were drawn from different clubs and nationalities. The afternoon saw a "national" race over 2 km (three buoy turns!) in which Scotland narrowly beat New Zealand to the gold medal after an exciting last leg!

Day 2 (7th February):

The conditions were a bit choppy so after a talk from Ali (of Row Porty) our contingent took crews out in the challenging conditions to practice the correct procedures for launching and recovering a boat in a swell. The afternoon comprised lessons in boat handling and man overboard drills - in which Murdo from Row Porty was volunteered as victim!

More information on the Kiwi Raid can be found at the following link: http://nzcoastalrowing.org/

A thoroughly good time was had by all, and we wish our new friends good luck as their expedition continues on!


Great to say goodbye to horrible weather, beautiful sunny crisp day in January and a great opportunity to get a little further away from the harbour, to Bass Rock and Seacliff. That's it now, we've past the shortest day, we're officially heading for summer :-)



On Christmas Day we decided to go out to play on the water, rowing around the Craig and sharing mince pies and chocolate Lebkuchen. After the line from a lobster pot got caught in the rudder, we used the rudder-freeing-device and returned to the harbour in anticipation for the big Christmas Day feast that was waiting!

In between hoolies we managed to get two crews on the water for a bit of winter training



Well done to all who made the effort, North Berwick, Musselburgh and Port Seton, put on our brave faces helping each other out with lifting boats and filling in spaces in others teams too.  We had a laugh, tried to keep cosy and at least, got to row.

This was pretty challenging for coxes as well, with huge gusts blowing across the lake, avoiding obstacles and the bank. Brought back memories of sharp mud landings in the past, no names mentioned......

So we had three categories. Men, ladies and mixed. With two boats racing clockwise from separate points chasing round jumps.  We raced each team one after the other, getting warmer....

A wee break for coffee then mixed races, very blowy by this stage. But all in all we got to row and chat with rowing buddies. First were Port Seton receiving a night on Foxfalls and a lovely new trophy, NB were second and Musselburgh close behind.  Thank you to the awesome, award winning, Foxlake team for hosting and providing beer for the rowers, and to everyone for the support.