On Saturday 7th May, a team of six North Berwick rowers drove south in anticipation of the first Skiff circumnavigation of Lindisfarne.  The haar was all around us, and the further we travelled, the more unlikely the trip looked.

On arrival across the causeway , we were greeted by the friendly crews from Dunbar, Amble, Alnmouth, and Eskmouth. There was much discussion as to the route, given the poor visibility. Eventually, we all agreed that the most prudent action was to row inland....the Tweed.

Thereafter the journey was much like Tweed expeditions from the last few years. We waited until half tide on the flood, and had a rewarding 4 mile row to the landing near Paxton. The scenery was stunning and we were surrounded by flocks of swans, swifts and herons; amazing!

A relaxed lunch, accompanied by much friendly banter made for a brilliant day in the spirit of Coastal Rowing. 

As is often the case when rowing side-by-side, no one likes to be beaten, and on the return journey, it became a 4 mile burst to see who could make it first to the pier at Berwick. Not quite what we intended, but satisfying for NB nonetheless! (credit to Finlay, Elisa, Sandy and Sheena for their stamina; also Rachel and Phil for the rousing sea-shanties to keep the spirits up). 

Our thanks go to the Amble Rowing club for organising the event; and we hope that next time we will do Lindisfarne