Glorious sunshine welcomed us to Porty regatta, a really stunning setting with beach views extending far and wide, as well as the familiar and much loved silhouette of The Law in the distance.

The Mixed Novice kicked off the competition winning Gold, which seemed to set the tone for the day! We took home a whopping 6 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze, with the Mens Open setting the quickest time of 8 minutes 43 seconds out of our crews. There was also a relay race which I believe caused much carnage and hilarity across the board.

Conditions were favourable for most of the day, with wind picking up slightly after lunch causing many boats to drift quite considerably off course and veer off their buoys, in turn causing confusion for some boats as well as making their course lengthier. Luckily our coxes are steel and it would take a lot more than a bit of wind to put us off course!

Food was exceptional with fresh made to order rolls, some potato and chorizo dish which had most people salivating from the beach and some delicious home baking on offer.

We had a new member join us on Saturday, a hairy hound called Belle, who provided much love for our team between races. She will be available for future events hopefully sporting a North Berwick Rowing Club bandana! All in favour of a dog entourage? Aye!