After all the hard work of Saturday, and the get together at the rugby club the hardy ones launched again in a balmy heat and perfect bass conditions.

Two North Berwick boats had crews which were made up of club members plus a couple of bodies from other clubs. They were joined by two Port Seton boats, two from Eskmuthe, along with boats from Golspie, Dunbar, Queensferry, and Row Porty. 
Skur Euphame set off first to report back on conditions, which were really favourable.
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Getting ready to set off.                 
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 And off we go.
Skiffies helped each other ready the skiffs. After a short briefing we set off, keeping together, great banter, singing and totally enjoying the conditions. The first stop was at pooh buoy to re group and check every one was grand to carry on.
As we reached the sound of gannets and smell, we received reports from Skur Euphame's crew that there was a pair of otters in the mouth of the cave on the west side. This pushed us on. They were totally amazing, so sleek and inquisitive, and we all took turns to row closer but not to disturb them. 
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 "What are you doing here?"
We made our way to the east side to stock up on hydration and snacks, polishing of the final bits from the Hope Rooms pop up cafe. There was a lot of hilarity between boats, some ventured into the cave from that side too.
The wind was getting up so we headed towards Tantallon Castle, where Dunbar peeled off to go home, on the way doing badges landing folks on their pooh buoy. We were assisted by the wind so it was a pleasant row on the way back along the coast.
There was a shout that dolphins were heading our way, and sighting of a much bigger whale further out, but only some had binoculars to see it.  We plodded all the way back across Milsey Bay, all happy rowers with all the fun laid on.
In true skiffie form, we were helping each other again to retrieve boats to trailers after nearly 3 hours on the water. everyone agreed it was great fun and all keen to repeat again.
We really are so lucky to have so many places of interest to row and share with our visitors.