• Venue – ideally a place of obscurity but somewhere competitors will talk fondly of for years
  • Crew – preferably one you know – include a cox with a loud encouraging voice
  • Motivation – Finals to make, Medals to win
  • Enthusiasm – for winter circuits, freezing cold water at launch and dealing with NE spring winds – you will need buckets of this throughout the winter and the lead up to the championships
  • Training – over 4 Million metres on Club ergos, add gym and personal machines if that is easier or if you don’t want to deal with the pain cave or torture terrace
  • Planning – know your lane, and know how you are going to execute the race
  • Strength – this is both mental and physical – do not underestimate the amount you will need of the former
  • Confidence – believe in the training you have done
  • Support – from fellow club members, Family and Friends, and on occasion from your fellow competitors
  • Boat – 150kg – but just to be safe add 400g
  • Oars – long and heavy, short and lighter – you choose – but bring 20 just in case
  • Rudder – make sure it is down – coxes please touch it as little as possible
  • Fun – know when to pick up a drink, have a laugh and dominate the dancefloor

…and a pinch of luck from the weather gods.


Take all of the above, mix well, spread evenly across the Club and you are close to being the best Club at the Championships – fourth best to be exact and second best in Scotland.

If you have read updates from other Clubs or you spoke to anyone at the Worlds you will know that the standard of competition is rising all the time and the margins are smaller than ever. So, to make finals with an increasingly bigger field of competitors (there were 57 Clubs in attendance at Stranraer) is an accomplishment on its own. Those who go and win medals (or narrowly miss out) – well you guys are up there as the best or close to the best in the World, and to those who didn’t win medals – you have made the start line, taken your chance and that is to be applauded also – you are within the top 15 Skiffie rowing crews in the World. 

It would be easy to go through the days of Worlds and rhyme off the results and call out those who have medalled, but in short, we got through heats, in some cases repechages and made every final of every race we entered and came away with 7 Medals – 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze. We can take real pride in this achievement. It’s simple to underestimate this accomplishment and focus on the medal counts, but it is better summed up by looking at the 50+ Mixed race which demonstrates the real spirit of what we do. This race was won by Golspie and it is hard to put into words the emotion that was seen on the beach after their win. Everyone from all Clubs were elated for them that day, as their Club had won a Gold, and a medal which clearly meant a lot to them all. It was proper lump-in-the-throat stuff, and that’s what it is all about.  The perfect recipe of camaraderie, perseverance and true sportsmanship. 

Well done everyone for cooking up a great Skiffie World Championships in Stranraer 2019!


Stranraer 2019 Position

60+ Women


60+ Men


60+ Mix


50+ Women


50+ Men


50+ Mix


40+ Women


40+ Men


40+ Mix


Open Women


Open Men


Open Mix A


Open Mix B


u40 Men


u40 Women


World Champions

  • Mens Open – Dave Davidson, Ian Baird, Clive Rooney, John Irvine, Alice Everett
  • Mixed Open – Alice Everett, Ian Baird, Clive Rooney, Millie Scott, Lizzie Cowan

Silver Medallists

  • 40+ Mix – Lou Presslie, Dave Davidson, Laura Cram, John Irvine, Jacque Turner

Bronze Medallists

  • 60+ Women – Meg Ennis, Issy Anderson, Sarah Whitely, Anne Hume, Phil Robertson
  • 40+ Women – Lou Presslie, Laura Cram, Jo Drewitt, Claire Simpson, Dave Davidson
  • 40+ Men – Ross McKinney, John Irvine, John Sanderson, Robbie Wightman, Lou Presslie
  • u40 Men – Gareth Walker, Clive Rooney, Ian Baird, Gregor Davidson, Alice Everett
  • u19 Women – Kirsty Cram – who rowed for Avoch