A day out in Sunny Dunny! What a treat for the NBRC rowers, so a contingent of 28 rowers headed around 10 miles East to row in ‘the proper North Sea’ at Dunbar International Regatta. We hadn’t attended this regatta since pre covid times but our long-standing members shared some tales of past events and we practiced in sporty conditions so we were ready.

On arrival in Dunbar, it became clear that the proper North Sea was going to deliver. Prime viewing spots were established at the harbour entrance for the start and first buoy and the battery for the rest of the race.

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After the coxes briefing the Open Men’s crew headed out of the calm harbour to line up for the start. Unfortunately a race to the first buoy didn’t work out in NB’s favour and a 360 penalty was given to the crew, after waiting for all crews to pass, the crew turned then did a fantastic job racing down the back straight to regain three positions and finished a respectable joint 4th.

We had a little more luck in the Open Women’s event which was up next. A very prompt start from the umpires left NB and the Netherlands racing for the first buoy. A big push and clear water advantage at the three boat lengths mark meant priority into the first turn. Then the challenge was to hold the lead. The ladies held out despite some extreme pressure from both NL and Broughty and crossed the line first to collect gold.

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The course was then shortened bringing the approximately 1.5km promised down from 2.4km ish to nearer 2km. Both the Men’s 40+ and Mixed 270+ had fantastic races both coming 5th. And NB’s Women’s 40+ crew delivered an outstanding 4th place starting with a great race to the first buoy and then rowing strong down the back straight.

Finally the Poo Buoy race! Around 5.5km round trip, but with half the crew having completed Ocean to City a couple of weeks earlier, we knew the stamina was there. After over 30 minutes of really challenging rowing, the crew were rewarded with 3rd place. Overall, we had a terrific day out in the sun and had plenty of opportunity to compare stories with our fellow skiffies on whose race was most exciting and which was the best cake.

Well done to everyone who competed and thank you to Dunbar for providing us with such an exciting regatta. Next stop Ullapool! For more photos from the event head to our Flickr album by clicking here.