Yes Spring is here and NBRC have been busy on and off the water, too busy for this Web Wallah to keep up to date, soz.

In Feb we had a very well attended quiz night raising funds for the club - see if you can guess the theme from the costumes. Although your Web Meister was hoodwinked into playing his joker on a round titled "Numbers" which required absolutely no mathematical thinking, and since we didn't know how many beans are in a 250g can, we did not do very well :-(

Now it's March and officially Spring, so given this is Scotland, it's time to invest in some new knitwear, modelled here by some of North Berwick's finest

Easter Friday brought a sunny day with enough wind to remind us that we're coastal rowers, but benign enough for us to send a crew out rowing a return trip from North Berwick to Dunbar, 20 miles, and we have the GPS tracked route to prove it :-)