What would you rather be doing at midday on New year's day? The chosen few donned extra layers, launched all three skiffs ( very impressed with new combo) and set off in a bit of a swell to warm up before the dookers dooked.

We headed upwind towards the Lamb before surfing back into the bay to lay anchor and await the rebels....mulled wine and mince pies on the out going tide, then with midday fast approaching the count down began. I always find this emotional....takes me back to the chimneys  coming down at Cockenzie. 
The splashing as the hundreds took to the water with the sun in the background was an amazing sight, and extremely vocal as well...the odd few, well not that odd, made it out to wish us happy new year, with the RNLI casting an eye over the proceedings.
We were proud to be part of this amazing community and it's very special landscape and people.