After what has at times felt like a lifetime, 1st January saw skiffs on the water. I repeat skiffs on the water.  This is not a drill people!  

10 hardy souls plus one "potential" dooker tried to shake off any excesses of the previous evening by heading for the far side of the Lamb and back via Craigleith. 

With the aid of plenty of healthy banter and Old Mrs Wightman's traditional fruit scones, we made it back in time to watch the annual NB Loony Dook. The aforementioned "potential" dooker then saw sense and decided to watch the mayhem unfold from the relative warmth of the skiffs. 

Viewing the dook from this vantage point was a great experience as we were able to get a sense of the sheer numbers of participants and spectators massed on the West Beach. One hardy dooker even made their way out to the skiffs for a New Year kiss and a mouthful of scone before turning round and swimming back to shore. Extreme Dooking indeed! 

So here's to a great Skiffy 2018 and may all your rows be as fruitful as the scones.