On Sunday we held our first ever Junior Rowing Regatta at North Berwick, the idea was planted about 9 months ago by Robbie, and evolved from an attempt to copy the format we normally use on full regattas, to realising that a looser, more relaxed day might be called for.

A large squad of 11 juniors come down from Deveron accompanied by the wonderfully garrulous Roisin and Shawnee. The energy of the kids belied their 5 hour drive down from the Moray coast.

Gareth, Stuart and Dave (surely by now in demand as a wild Scottish hipster in some Tartan Noir series) towed over Boatie Blest from nearby Port Seton and provided their expert services in coxing the Deveron crews around our races.

Firth of Clyde brought Robbie (Full of power, look out men’s open in a year or two), David and Kate over from Largs.

Eastern came through in Skelf with a couple of crews of boys and girls. Races started with a series of 500m sprints with the following results (Deveron were rowing in Boatie Blest. Blackadder was FOCCRs plus guests)

Race 1st 2nd 3rd
Girls St Baldred Eastern Boatie Blest
Boys Blackadder Boatie Blest St Baldred
Mixed 1 Boatie Blest St Baldred Eastern
Mixed 2 St Baldred Eastern Boatie Blest

Following the sprints we had a short pursuit race, a la Port Seton

Race Crews Winner
Semi Final 1 Eastern vs Blackadder Eastern
Semi Final 2 Boatie Blest vs St Baldred Boatie Blest
Final Boatie Blest vs Eastern Boatie Blest