The day dawned windy and wet but who was to know that by the end of the day we'd be sitting on the wall of Portobello prom, quaffing Jacque’s raffle-prize cider in brilliant sunshine. The regatta was attended by 9 clubs and by the start of the first race the rain had stopped and the sun had started to break through. 

North Berwick 60+ women took gold in a fiercely contested race.

The 60+ men and 45+ mixed crews secured two more golds. The day finished with two races, an inter-club race where we were allocated places in other skiffs.

This was won by St Andrews and a relay race in which we achieved 4th place catching-up on two boats during the final leg.

North Berwick shared the spoils of the day with Anstruther. Considering our numbers were few we did exceptionally well.

A few of us are still wondering who snaffled Louise’s carrot cake which she left in the gazebo saving for after her race. Several dogs were sniffing around, Duncan left early but apart from that, it's all a bit of a mystery (Ed: Duncan was seen licking his lips as he scarpered, mystery solved ;-) )


Some persona non grata, at the Porty regatta
Fancied a slice of home baking
And followed a scent, to the North Berwick tent
And there some lay just for the taking
It's an enormous mistake to abandon your cake
and then decide to go rowing
And thus you found out, that a thief was about
Who did it? You'd no way of knowing.
“I left it right there, at the back, on a chair”
This plate of delicious home baking
Was it someone she knew from some other crew?
Who thought it was there for the taking.
It beggars belief that this cake-loving thief
Made off with the slice Lou was saving
One from NBRC? perhaps it was me
But they certainly ended her craving
Jeannie Newcombe