We gathered at eight o'clock on a lovely Sunday morning, it was a tad chilly but with blue skies and not much wind. Ten lively club members were joined by a very cheery five from Amble Rowing Club, including our departed Alan Burt

We set off at a good pace but still had a bit of room for chat then reached Fidra and tied the boats up at the wee harbour then. Beware on future landings it's like walking on ice, so slippy. We all climbed up to the top armed with copious amounts of cake, and coffee, watching puffins from a safe distance. 

The tide was a bit lower than expected and required some clambering over rocks to enter the boats again. One NB boat set off to allow the next crew to get out whilst St Balded and Coquet Spirit headed off to go back round Craigleith. What a great mornings rowing, bonding with Amble and getting back with other team mates after a long winter.

Now what other expeditions can we get up-to......anyone can organise home or away so let's get planning, it's not all about regattas, training and having fun too it's what we do best.

Capt Jaq

Spring is here and rowing season about to start, so we got all the club lifejackets out, checked them, inflated them, tested the CO2 cannisters, and they're ready for use....


Junior rowing starts Monday 27th March 5:45pm-7:00pm. Junior rowing this year will be Monday evenings. For the first time we will be having a series of regattas only open to juniors, so there will be opportunities to pit ourselves against other clubs.

Open to all North Berwick young people aged 14-18, no experience necessary and no special equipment required.

If you want to come along next Monday, fill in this form, or drop an email to David Davidson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Just because it's January doesn't mean we can't get out, regular outings available to all NBRC members are available every Saturday 9:00am if you want a training workout, or 10:00am if you want a more leisurely recreational row. Just stick your name down here before the preceding Thursday.

Can't guarantee it'll always be this calm though




This year’s Freshwater Sprints took place at Loch Tummel on October 29th. Each year rowers from all over the SCRA ‘world‘ are encouraged to attend, to coincide with the SCRA AGM. 

The scenery was breathtaking-autumnal colours, flat water and a midge or two! This was a fine venue and we were made most welcome by the local sailing club which supplied us with excellent facilities and splendid food and drink.

Ten rowers from NBRC, along with rowers from S. Queensferry, Eskmuthe, Boatie Blest and Porty took part in the many and varied categories, representing the ‘South East’ region. The competition on the water was as fierce as ever but onshore there was a great feeling of camaraderie as clubs and regions mingled and shared notes.

An interesting addition this year was the SCRA Picnic Class which some said was ‘no picnic’ but it was a joy to see a fine selection of small boats taking to the water, some slower, some faster, than others!

After a full day’s racing South East were pipped to the post by North East but a great day was had by all and thanks were conveyed to our organiser Stuat Mack and his team for putting the crews together and getting us organised. All race categories and results can be seen on the SCRA website.