North Berwick Rowing Club (NBRC) are excited to announce the launch of their first ever Skiff Camp for 14-17 year olds. In response to Scottish Government Covid guidelines indicating resumption of outdoor contact sports for 12-17 year olds on Monday 5 April, NBRC are inviting the young people in their community to be first to dip their toes back in the water after lockdown.

The Skiff Camp will consist of four coached rowing sessions, to take place at North Berwick on 5, 7, 9 and 11 April from 11am. The final session will involve an excursion to the nearby islands to view some wonderful wildlife. The aim of the Camp is to introduce rowing to a group of North Berwick youngsters in an enjoyable way. The entire group will be competent at boat handling and skiff rowing by the end of the week. After the Camp they will have an idea as to whether skiff rowing is something that they would like to pursue further. Those that wish to continue will have the opportunity to enjoy future competitions and expeditions, right through to representing their town at the Skiffieworlds 2022.

For further information or to register interest please email Claire Wallace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And we are on our travels again! We have headed West, South and East so it’s time for us to go North. All the way to the North Pole.

So NB to NP!!!! (There’s a t shirt there somewhere)

Once again you can contribute with your row, run, walk and cycle distances.

And now all you crazy swimmers out there can also take part and we will make sure we leverage your distance accordingly to reflect your effort.

It’s only 3 million metres so shorter than to New York but don’t forget it is up hill. If we get there in good time we can always turn round and come home with the tide behind us.

So click the Purple form to record your distances and we are on our way.

We've already covered the meters from North Berwick to New York, and still got energy to burn so stick on your crampons, we're off on a hike of the world's biggest mountains.

Post your workout here help us get there before end of lockdown.

Well we rowed, cycled, and walked the 5,300,000 meters from North Berwick to New York to arrive and find we're still in lockdown, JFK is closed, and we're going to have to row back....but need some new shorts, so let's go to Bermuda next stop.

The North Berwick coastal skiff rowing regatta 2019 – the best yet! 


What a day - wall to wall sunshine and not a breath of wind - conditions could not have been better.

There was an early start with a 7 o’clock meet to get the ribs out to lay the buoys and check  that there were no creel lines that could snag the boats.  Clive and Finlay were already looking a bit overdressed in dry suits.

So what were the highlights of the day? A few things really stand out. 


One of my personal highlights of the day was the opportunity to help out on the water with Finlay Robertson showing me the ropes on the rib. I had absolutely no idea what we were doing but (I think) I managed to look quite officious and had a blast zooming around the Craig. Thanks Finlay maybe next year I’ll be semi-helpful. 

So what else is worthy of a mention? Well the catering must be talked about. Meg, Ann and the team did a wonderful job.  The catering was terrific throughout the day, and, of course, is such an important fundraiser for the club. The standard of catering was quite outstanding.  Pretty early on I concluded that my cheese and pickle rolls were okay but they didn’t really compare to my favourite role of the day.  This was humus and sun-dried tomato on a freshly home-made sourdough roll – outstanding.

A review of the day would not be complete without a mention of Messers Baird  and Rooney on the tannoy. Their inane ramblings were quite wonderful entertainment and I understand the new weekly podcast will be coming out later in the year.


So what about the rowing ?   Lots and lots of terrific rowing in wonderful conditions with some really fast times. All races were keenly contested and it was great to see a spread of medals across all the clubs.

At the end of the day we all gathered for a cold beer on the beach and a chance to listen to one of Sandy’s monologues - which never disappoints.  All the medal winners were delighted with their unique medals (way to go Milly) which were a terrific memento of a wonderful day on and off the water.