So how long does it take to organise a small flotilla to the Bass Rock? You get a message on Monday to say Murdo McLeod would love to do the Bass with folks from Portobello, then Dunbar come and bag a couple of our islands on Thursday, and want to join us and then Alan (ex NBRC) and Amble have filled two boats with a wee extra of Andreas in Pascal. Thirty seven folks in total with two North Berwick boats too... 



The day dawned as Magic Seaweed had predicted.....walking down the beach at half eight for a quick jaunt to the Craig with the girls, Portobello and Pascal were pulling down the slip and Amble had stopped for breakfast at Berwick. 

Conditions were totally perfect. After a quick briefing we set out , jollying along, chatting but putting on some pressure, changing coxes at the Poo buoy and onto the rock.....not too many gannets present to put us off our snacks. Quite a few puddles of puffins already here to enjoy the warmth. Plenty seals surrounding the skiffs too. So good to be back on the water.

After devouring cake and rehydration some headed to find Seacliff harbour, others to round the Craig. All were safe back on land by half past  two. Coffees in steampunk, plenty piccies and a fantastic day sharing our rocks.

Thanks must go to Murdo for setting the oars in motion, and to all for coming to join us. Here's to many more outings!