• 2:30pm Coxes briefing - at Old Pier gate, all coxes to attend, rowers are optional
  • 2:45pm Crews meet on beach  - all crews to be on the beach and ready
  • 3:00pm First crews get on water

Expect to finish around 5:30pm



Following teams are fully entered, they have a crew, a cox and are ready to start training.... any other crews who think they have entered please contact us at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know the names of your crew.

  Team Cox Crew 1 Crew 2 Crew 3 Crew 4
1 Bingo Wings Robbie Wightman Lucy Tate Sarah Thomson Fiona McGregor Tina O'Rourke
2 Blister Sisters Laura Cram Sharon Street Sally Morton Caroline Smith Kylie Conroy
3 RNLI Simon Cowan Niall Grant Finlay Hall Andy Laing Jonas Valius
4 Mini Coaches Jacque Turner Colin Tate Scott McMenemy David Cunningham Pete Churn
5 That's How We Row Sandy Wallace Judy Lockhart Tommy Todd Sue Northrop Gordon Moodie
6 The Sopranos Jo Drewitt Becky Everett Roisin Smith Lucy Gibbons Philippa Marston
7 Stepping Out John Sanderson Rob Craig Craig Hodgson Grant Millar Amanda Bennie