A 28 hour journey took us (Finlay & Elisa) from Glasgow International Airport to Te Haruhi Bay, Shakespear Regional Park, New Zealand - in what is possibly one of the longer commutes in the Scottish Coastal Rowing circuit. Our arrival doubled the size of the existing Scottish contingent from two (both from Row Porty) to four and we were made to feel very welcome by the international party that was half way through a sixteen day rowing expedition in the Auckland area.

Day 1 (6th February):

Weather: just like home, but the rain was a lot warmer. Men's, ladies' and mixed races took place over a 1 km course with a single buoy turn in the morning; teams were drawn from different clubs and nationalities. The afternoon saw a "national" race over 2 km (three buoy turns!) in which Scotland narrowly beat New Zealand to the gold medal after an exciting last leg!

Day 2 (7th February):

The conditions were a bit choppy so after a talk from Ali (of Row Porty) our contingent took crews out in the challenging conditions to practice the correct procedures for launching and recovering a boat in a swell. The afternoon comprised lessons in boat handling and man overboard drills - in which Murdo from Row Porty was volunteered as victim!

More information on the Kiwi Raid can be found at the following link: http://nzcoastalrowing.org/

A thoroughly good time was had by all, and we wish our new friends good luck as their expedition continues on!