St Baldreds and the Skiff John B
On a July night set out to sea
The Forth was calm and Craigleith beckoned
Another time trial loomed we reckoned.
But up the fairway, past the pier
The Craig was looking far from clear
Then we heard a rumble from the sky
Then thunder sounded quite close by.
The rain was coming down in buckets
And Frazer with a grin said "Oh Dear,
there is no better place to be
than in lashing rain upon the sea”
But a lightning bolt before our eyes
Made us gasp out in surprise
If the killer-tiller took the blow
The cox would be the first to go.
And Karen’s bra by Calvin Kline
Normally would feel just fine
She wasn’t happy it transpired
The bra was somewhat under-wired!
The skiffs were turned around anew
And eight keen wenches drookit through
With coxes, landed on the shore
To a welcome cry  of “easy oars”.
In spite of thunder, rain and squall
Lizzie said she’d had a ball
It’s times like these which keep us going
The joy of Scottish Coastal Rowing!

Jeannie 17/07/11