What a great day - mild, dry and lots of sunny smiles even before the sun came out and added to the lovely friendly ambience. Lots of good cheer around, old friends meeting up, all helped by the copious supply of wonderful food and drinks supplied, (the cakes get a particular thumbs up from me). The unofficial Club dog Maisie added a fluffy dynamic to the day. 

What initially looked like a straightforward anti clockwise rectangular course around 4 buoys on the River Tay, showed an interesting element as time went on, as the preferred positions and routes changed during the day for each set of crews when the tide changed from incoming, to slack, to outgoing. In the last race of the day, the NB crew and one other felt the pain of being in the lane furthest from the shoreline where the tidal flow against them was the strongest.


Broughty Ferry 2022 Cowan pics
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This regatta was also an opportunity for some of the Worlds’ crews to compete together against stiff opposition. As a newbie to racing myself the sight of this was quite awesome. The Juniors were fantastic (well done) and the newbies did hold their heads up coming a respectable fifth (with one male in their crew whereas all others had two males). Many congratulations to all.

Our overall place at the end of a good day was second out of 12 Clubs. Brilliant - Well done all North Berwick crews. Broughty Ferry were overall first - Well done.

Great day. Looking forward to the next one now.

More pictures from the day can be found here

Claire Cadoux