North Berwick Rowing Club members have been braving the cold throughout the winter months to keep their strength and skills up - in readiness for longer, warmer, spring days.

Everyone has a role to play at these Winter Training Sessions - from organising the crews, preparing the boats, coxing and rowing. This Saturday morning, having checked the weather and sea forecasts, we all looked over the sea wall to agree that we were comfortable with the conditions. There was a westerly wind, a drizzle and a falling tide. Our coach had suggested a straight forward training set that took us along the shore for one 8min piece but such was the strength of the wind it took 2 x 8min pieces to get back in!  Unusually, on our return, the slipway was being used by a commercial fishing boat which gave one of our newly trained coxes a chance to practice maneuvering in tight spaces.  

It was a great morning in sporting conditions. Smiles all round.